Where are the predefined mixer files?

Dear All,

I’m new to PX4 and I looked into the forum for a similar subject but couldn’t find one. It seems that the link to the predefined mixer files under ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers is gone from the PX4 user guide, I can’t find this directory under my PX4 source code either, nor under the Firmware directory. Do you know where to find airframes predefined mixer files?

I’ve already built a tilt-wing quad4x VTOL with a holybro Pixhawk with CM4 companion computer. I have developed the controller under Matlab (MPC, not PID) and loaded the C++ code on the CM4, but I would like to first fly the drone with the pixhawk FMU if possible. That’s why I would like to configure the mixer files from an existing one. Thank you for your help.

This is the new way of adding airframe to PX4. If you are using PX4 1.14 version then you don’t have to do this step and you can change the configuration directly from Actuator tab in QGC.