Documentation of parameters


I am working on a tilt rotor (4 tilt + 2 normal) VTOL with aileron and v tail and i am new to pixhawk. There is no ready to use airframe available on the PX4 github.

I am using 13030_generic_vtol_quad_tiltrotor and trying to modify it.

But i am not aware of all parameters description. Like,

param set-default CA_ROTOR3_KM -0.05
param set-default CA_SV_CS0_TYPE 1
param set-default CA_SV_CS0_TRQ_R -0.5

Is there any documentation available where the description of all usable parameter are mentioned?

Thanks in advance for you time.

Yes, please check out the parameter reference documentation:

Thank you, this helps a lot.

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