Aileron Servo Gains in stabilized mode

In QGcontrol are there any parameters available to tune aileron gains?

I am flying a fixed wing for some time, but now that I am video making, I notice that my plane in stable mode response extremely fast once I let go the stick. Can I lower auto-level mode response?

Also is there a parameter in QGC which will allow me to change roll angle limit?


Maybe @tumbili can help here.

Hi Julian,
Seems Tumbili has not logged in since January.
Anyone else can help?

@Riz_Hassan Did you try following these instructions?

Thanks for pointing me to the documentation, I have not read this yet. I will comeback to this topic once I get the chance to play-around with these parameters.

At the moment dealing with fatal crash on another wing running Ardupilot 4.0.5 on Matek F765 FC after two successful flights. Not sure what happen, nothing was changed.

@Riz_Hassan For issues with Ardupilot we cannot help you here, you need to ask the Ardupilot developers in their forums.