Aggressive wobble in position mode

Hi. I have been getting aggressive wobble in my quad. The drone wobbles diagonally. I am flying in Position mode. The quad flew fine for couple of minutes with good position fix and good response to the controls but then started to wobble.

Pixhawk 6X
Two M8N u-blox GPS
Firmware: PX4 v1.13.3

I am not able to figure out where I am going wrong. I flew this quad a few months back with a single M8N attached to it and it used to be really stable. Maybe there’s something wrong with the dual GPS but I doubt that as I have followed the setup provided by PX4.

I am attaching the log and the video link of the flight. I am looking forward to your responses. Your help will be really appreciated.

Video: VID_20230914_180218731.mp4 - Google Drive


from the log file, you can see the difference between the estimated position and setpoint “peaks”. This same applies to the other axes as well.

Since there is no accel clipping, the vibration should not be a problem.
I think you need to tune the PID.

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