Agressive Oscillations in Attitude Setpoints when using Velocity control

Hi all,

I am currently trying to fly one of the Coex Clover drones, and tuning it for v1.13.0. Using i’ve managed to tune attitude rate and attitude to I believe reasonable parameters and it flies great in Stabilised and Attitude modes.

However, the moment I go into Position Control mode the drone just jiggles wildly. kind of in place. I’m not sure I can describe it a aggressive oscillation as its not periodic. The below review should show it clearly at 15:18 onwards:

The thing I find really weird is that the generated roll setpoints don’t seem correct and are causing extreme oscillations in the roll-rate setpoints and controller. I assume its this causing the aggresive wiggling. Similarly for pitch and pitch rate.

I have tried to tune this velocity control but to no avail. Turning up the P just makes it worse, and I don’t know what effect if any D and I will have. So I would really appreciate some help here!

Currently running latest tag 1.13.0, running indoors using Motion Capture through MAVROS.

Edit: I did another flight the next day with high frequency logging enabled, and a slightly lower P value which elicited a better response, but still a lot of shaking:

Many Thanks

There are some issues with the vision fusion, maybe that’s related to what you’re seeing