Wobbles in auto mode

Latest PX4 stack on Pixhawk, and it flies beautifully in manual “stabilized” mode. But as soon as I switch it to an auto mode to fly mission or hold position it wobbles badly. See video. Anyone have any ideas on how to debug this?

My quad is also less stable in Position mode, but I can reduce the oscillations to pretty much zero by changing Position Hold Gains in Parameters window in QGC: MPC_XY_VEL_P, MPC_XY_VEL_I, MPC_XY_VEL_D.
Reducing the gains makes my quad stable in Position Hold, but it still wobbles if I touch RC transmitter stick. Probably because of large deadband in Pos Hold mode, but not sure.
I have some comments and values here (last post):

Can you share a log file?

I think this is one of the logs.

[4 10-12-2016 11-56-12 AM.bin](http://www.lovettsoftware.com/downloads/logs/4 10-12-2016 11-56-12 AM.bin)

(not sure why that markdown link is not displaying as a link…)

The log file extension is unusual - what logging app are you using on the system?

It is a dataflash log as downloaded by Mission Planner (the result of MAVLINK message LOG_REQUEST_DATA).

The PX4 stack is not supported by Mission Planner - so I’m not sure how you’re operating it and you are either not using PX4 at all or you are operating it in a mode and with tools that are fundamentally not compatible.

Yeah, I know, I’m just using it to download the logs. I also have my own log viewer that downloads the logs using raw MAVLINK messages. See http://www.lovettsoftware.com/LovettSoftware/Downloads/Px4LogViewer/Px4LogViewer.application. What format are you expecting ?

Use QGroundControl to download them to the right format please. Thanks!

Ok how’s this?


(Note it is byte for byte identical with the earlier log I provided).

What tools are you using to view and analyze these logs?