Px4 VTOL Position Control issue

I made a VTOL with a holybro pixhawk and px4 and have tested firmwares 1.11.3 and 1.12.0 beta5 but the vtol hovers perfectly in altitude and stabilize mode but wobbles out of control in Position mode. I have tried to fix the PID control but nothing works. The position mode crashes when hovering.
Video of the drone:

I’m no expert but maybe if you share the params file and log, someone can find where the issue may be.

Good luck.

Not the solution here, but I had the same configuration and problem. Although after the analysis of the logs the suggestion was that there are too much vibrations due to not enough rigid structure but the drone hovered and flew well. After switching to position mode in a moderate wind the drone started the same moves and nearly crashed. I still have to see how it is after making the rig more rigid.

So we have tuned the PID quite a bit spent about 22 flights on it and now it is quite stable as it hovers quite fine at 30m even in moderate wind