Actuator setup for IC engine

Hi, I am working on a Delta wing configuration.
I have an IC engine for power, the fuel quantity is controlled by a servo.

Pixhawk 6C
1.14 stable version.

Should i choose motor 1 as PWM main output 1 for servo control for IC engine?

Or should i use, any other servo assignment for throttle control?

With motor 1 assigned to PWM main 1, i do not get any output to the servo.

All in all, what should be the PWM_MAIN_FUNCTION1 value?

@dagar @junwoo0914 @JulianOes

The Main1 Function should be set to “Motor 1” as you correctly suggested.

Have you checked if the motor moves in Actuator tab via Actuator testing sliders?

More detailed descriptions are here:

In first go, it did not move at all.

I re-install the firmware and tried again, and it worked with motor 1 as PWM_MAIN_FUNCTION1.


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