Accept analog sensor input

Hey everyone,

I am part of a group of students creating a drone that needs to land autonomously and accurately. We are all inexperienced in terms of drone related projects, and need some guidance.

For the project, we are using the pixhawk 2.4.6 (pixhawk mRo), and we using Qgroundcontrol software. We have initialized the drone using that software, so it can detect compass direction, tilt/level, and gps location.

To improve landing accuracy, we decided to use infrared emitters as a type of beacon. Transistors mounted on the drone will detect that light, and home in on the landing pad. (the transistors will connect to the ADC, as they produce an analog output)

I have done some research on how to edit the code, but I keep getting directed to resources that point to each other, with no clear answer. For example, I need to install a toolchain, and the development guide for Dronecode suggests installing ubuntu on windows. Not only is the purpose of the programs a bit unclear (to us), but we also couldn’t find the download for the toolchain software on the linked page. I have downloaded the files for the NuttX operating system though.

Any insight into the process, recommended resources, or any other help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance