New Developer Start Help

Hi All,

Many years as an RC fixed wing pilot.
A couple of years as an RC helicopter pilot
Flew fixed wing drones professionally while training military personal
Software Development Experience: (short list)
Python 2.7
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
VBA Excel
Several years Digital Electronics experience professionally
Have a Pixhawk autopilot system
Both hardware and software development of a lidar based monitoring system
Installed Ubuntu 18.04 along side of Windows 10
Installed Visual Studio Code

To incorporate a Python based lidar monitoring system into a drone through
integration with the PX4 software on a Ubuntu 18.04 system

I have read through most of the Dronecode documentation and I am struggling with understanding terminology, what code to utilize, where and how to begin to locate the code plus how to access GPS and compass data.

I am looking for a “mentor” who would be willing to walk me through the initial steps of getting started.

I am fairly new to Ubuntu and I am an absolute newbie to the software development world of the PX4 so any help would be greatly appreciated.