Optitrack to Pixhawk

I am developing a project that consists of sending the position through 6 optitrack cameras, so my lab contains 6 cameras, two computers (windows and ubuntu) and 3dr IRIS drone with pixhawk.

The general scheme is: Two computers are used, the windows pc will receive data from the cameras and will send this data to the ubuntu pc, both are connected by a xbee. The ubuntu pc will send the dates to Iris, I have been reading that the communication protocol between ubuntu pc and the pixhawk is mavros.

I don’t have much knowledge about these subjects and I have some questions (maybe naive questions) but I’m confused. I am reading this guide (https://dev.px4.io/) and I already install nuttx, firmware and ground station on my ubuntu pc.

Looking in the forums, lots of people use Odroid or Raspberry and I do not have these boards.

the questions are:

Is it necessary to have an Odroid or Raspberry to reach my goal?

Can I install MavRos on my ubuntu pc based on this guide? (https://dev.px4.io/ros-mavros-installation.html)

Can you recommend a tutorial to learn MavRos?

I hope you can answer me please!!, Regards.

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