Building a FC using own hardware and PX4 Software question

Attempting to build a autonomous drone using off the shelf parts ( parts list: and ) and a Raspberry Pi 2B. I skimmed over the dev guide and it seems that as long as the peripherals have drivers, PX4 should run without issue. That seems too easy so I feel that assumption isn’t accurate. Right off the bat I think the modules that use the GPIO for interface will have to be coded up differently.

I saw some posts about people coding up their own flight controller programs but I that is way too complex for my skill level. I’m a Computer/Electrical Engineer student with C/C++ experience but never built intensive applications or dealt with complex motor controls.

If anyone can clue me in with what it takes to get this up and running or any tips/references for similar builds, I would greatly appreciate it.


This is doable, but it will end up being quite a lot of integration work. For a raspberrypi I’d recommend you go with the Navio2 (, or look at the embedded options (STM32 running NuttX).

There are still plenty of interesting projects to do beyond assembling the physical pieces.