About Flight Stability

Hello Guys. I have built several drones in the past with PixHawk 2.4.8 but now I have a commercial project and I don’t trust 2.4.8 about Stability and Calibrations and Errors.
My employer is not very good at electronics and other technologies he just wants a simple drone but I have to be sure if the PixHawk wont give any errors after the first setup if it doesn’t crash or any extra situations. Which one is better HolyBro PixHawk 4 or PixHawk 2.4.8 or PixHawk cube what do you think?

Any answers ?? ASAP!

Your post is rather vague, but if I were you I would go with the Holybro PixHawk 4 Pro and the holybro GPS and telemetry radio.

No sure what you mean by “errors”.
My drone running Pix4 has never crashed but it all depends how well you build the drone and if you configure it correctly, it should work fine.

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