About filter setting questions

Flight Review - Quadrotor (px4.io)

Here is my test log. It flied ACRO mode around 35 secs.
Actually, I think it noisy some conditions. But I can not know about that.
Please help me.
How can I set the filter values?
My guess, IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF is around 90~100 and IMU_DGYRO_CUTOFF is around 90~100.
Am I right?

Which problem are you actually trying to solve? Is the tracking not good enough? Do you hear a vibration?

The flight looks quite clean; I’m not sure if you really need to change the filter settings but since the noise is at higher frequencies, you could try to increase the IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF (you could try 50, 60 and 70Hz) if you want to increase the rate loop gains.

Thank you for your answer.
Actually, my quad’s motor feels too hot, my guess.
So, I’m trying to solve this problem in use of PID and filter tunning.

I see. It could be caused by the derivative. You could try to reduce the IMU_DGYRO_CUTOFF to filter the derivative a bit more (or reduce the D gain if possible).

Thank you for your advice.
I’ll try that.