6x + RP3 ELRS + Sik Telemetry = Manual Control Loss

Hi all, This is the setup I am using:

  • X500v2 quadcopter
  • Pixhawk 6X
  • RP3 ELRS Receiver (Telem2)
  • Sik 915 MHz Telemetry Radio (Telem1)
  • M9N GPS (GPS1)

With everything connected, in QGC I will loose manual input just a few seconds after the connection is established even though the Tx and Rx module are still connected.

If I power everything off and remove the Sik radio, plug in the battery and plug directly into the pixhawk usb, manual control works until I increase throttle and after a few seconds or down throttle, the control is lost again.

I increased the COM_RC_LOSS_T parameter to 0.8sec from another post I saw, which didn’t seem to make any difference. Mav_0 is enabled on Telem1, Mav_1 is disabled and Mav_2 is set to Ethernet.

I am new to using Pixhawk/PX4 so sorry if I missed anything.