Rssi Value Maxes out at 40%

Hello, I have a pixhawk 4 and using qgc all updated. I am also using a rfd900x telemetry radio also updated, and rssi value in qgc maxes out at 40% no matter the power output selected in the rfd tool gui, or the antenna selection. It also loses connection from time to time. I messed around with the rssi channel selection but the rssi value is based off the pwm range and All my channels are used therefore the rssi value falls or rises based on the value. if I select Unassigned it maxes out at 40% As far as I know I looked through all the Mavlink settings and it shows that It is sending and receiving all but like 4% of packets. The rssi value in rfd tool shows 241 ish out of 255 I believe. not sure how to adjust the scaling. Can anyone help out with what I might be doing wrong here with setup? It is hindering my flights because it keeps falling into failsafe or going into position mode with any change in rssi value because 40% is already so low. When I put rssi on a switch I can make it to where there is no manual control based on position and pwm value, even though the radio is connected and has near perfect signal. Any Ideas Would be appreciated, Thank you