Pixfalcon RC issue: Manual Control Lost

Hi all, hoping someone can help me out.

When I connect my Taranis X9D+ to the X4R-SB receiver I am using with the pixfalcon I get an almost immediate signal drop within a couple of seconds and then no connection. This is unique to the pixfalcon as the same receiver works on other drone setups I have and I have also tried 2 separate X4R-SB. At the same time when connected to QGC it flashes up with ‘Manual Control Lost’.

Taranis X9d plus
X4R-SB (have tried upgrading firmware)
Pixfalcon with latest stable px4 firmware (default from QGC)

I’ve tried reflashing firmware on the pixfalcon

Am I missing something obvious?

I’m able to do all other basic setup on the pixfalcon, only the radio is an issue.


Hello, you should try to power the RX not from pixfalcon. Probably pixhawk mini and pixfalcon Design for power is not the best.