3DR PX4 and X8R to Taranis X9D Telemetry

I have a craft and theory adapter for the transfer of info from the 3DR PX4 to the X8R, but am unsure which serial port to use (Telem 1/2 or the serial 4/3 port) on the 3DR PX4, and how to get it functioning, i connected it to telem 1 and 2 but no signal, it says to configure the port but where in QGC do i do that? It seems simple but the documentation does not seem strait forward to get results. It should be connect the adapter to the Telem 1 or 2 port, connect to the SPORT on the X8R, and receive telem on the Taranis. but something is missing from the process, or im not seeing how to configure the Telem port on the 3DR PX4 properly. any help would be appreciated. See pics