0 Radio Channels detected

I have a FlySky receiver and transmitter set that I am trying to initialize my PixHawk board with.

Previously, this connection has worked fine and I was able to calibrate the Radio in QGroundControl and receive signals to the board.

Over the span of the last few days, (without changing any of the equipment on the board), I have begun to receive a message stating “0 Radio Channels detected” even though I didn’t have this issue before.

The Receiver’s connection to the board seems to be fine as the receiver is getting power and is connecting with the transmitter.

What are common causes and/or solutions for problems like this?
Safety Switch also broken
Much Appreciated!

The fact that the safety switch is also broken might mean that something with the IO part is broken since safety and RC are connected there.

Can you check px4io status in MAVLink shell?

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sir, can broken safty switch be the reason…actually I am begginer in this field…How can I perform radio collaboration without using safety switch

This is how you can open the MAVLink shell in QGroundControl: MAVLink Console (PX4) · QGroundControl User Guide

Then you type px4io status and copy (or screenshot) the output to here. Otherwise, I have no idea what the problem is.

Also, type dmesg and paste the output here, however, this command doesn’t work on all flight controllers and software versions.

Thank you very much sir for giving me response…I have given the output’s screenshot.Please suggest me what to do

I like that you have a train in your Windows search bar :train2:.

Hm, it looks like the IO board is communicating ok which means it might be a hardware issue. Especially given it used to work but no longer does. I would try on a different Pixhawk, or otherwise check with the vendor what they suggest. Or last resort, open up the board and inspect if you can find something like a loose solder connection, or a short.

My safety Switch has been broken also. Can it be the reason