Y3 type + 3 prop tilting

Hi all,

Currently I’m building Y3 type VTOL which tilt all props(left, right, tail) just after takeoff with Pixhawk & PX4.
When I try to find proper airframe in QGC, I couldn’t.
Any one can help for my issue?
Should I add new code in px4?

Try this one:

Thank you for your advice, but this frame is for Y6(6 props) and does not support tail tilt.

In that case you would have to create a custom mixer.
Please see https://dev.px4.io/en/airframes/adding_a_new_frame.html#mixer-file

Thank you very much, I will check and share the result with you.

There is a ‘E-flite convergence’ frame defined in the drop down menu of that category, which might be what you looking for.

Edit: i did not notice your requirement on all-tilt-rotor. So in that case you need custom mixer as @sanderux suggested.