Modifed airframe support from PX4

Hi, I’m quite new to px4, may I ask question about support to less common airframe please?

Specifically, I’m planning on an airframe that looks like modified Y3:

  • two main big (12in prop) rotors on the two sides, spinning opposite direction
  • one small (3in or so) prop at the tail for pitching torque
  • no pitching mechanism for the two main rotors, unlike common bicoptors

will px4 support this structure? or will I be able to somehow modify an existing airframe config?

Just a bit more info:

I see one common design for Y-3 coptors is having a servo-actuated rudder below the tail rotor, to counteract the yaw-axis imbalance created by odd number of main rotors, as well as provide additional yawing torque;

I’m hoping that, by using a significantly smaller propeller for the tail (purely for pitching torque and no lift needed from it), the yaw axis would not have much unbanlancee torque. Of course I could also mount it at an slanted angle to have natural counteracting thrust against turning. I’m mainly concerned about firmware not suppoorting it, but I believe the physics nature of this structure is possible to work with.