Xbee Doesn't Work On Pixhawk(No Heartbeat Packets Received)

Hi guys,

I was try to connect Pixhawk with Xbee module. I do all config in Xbee correctly and also two Xbee modules (Router and cordinator) can communicate %100 on XCTU.But when i tried connect with the ArduPilot they can’t communicate and i saw this message “No Heartbeat Packets Received”.

I can connect perfectly between usb cable and Pixhawk but when try to connect Pixhawk with Xbee module it doesn’t work.
I tried change rx and tx cables, disconnected GPS before connect to ArduPilot.But not works


I have same problem. Is there any solution?

It’s better to seek assistance with ArduPilot at discuss.ardupilot.org

i have same problem . are there any solutions ???

What’s the solution for it, anyone figured out?