Which Pixhawk to buy?

Hello everyone,
I’m a complete newbie, and have just started learning about Pixhawk and PX4 and everything related.
I want to by a pixhawk for our research group. I have searched alot but it seems the more I search the more confused I get.
I want to buy the best/most update to date pixhawk available, but I dont know which one to get!
I recently found about normal pixhawk, and cube pixhawk, pixhawk2, pixhwak4 and CUAV Pixhawk v5+!
There seems to be other variants as well. This is so confusing.
Could any one kindly please shed some light on this and tell me, based on your experience and expertise, which one is better?
Thanks a lot in advance


Well if you want you can look for the mRo control zero oem or for the classic control zero… both are equipped with the h7 mcu but the oem it’s a little bit different coz you need a customized board… its done for developers.

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I was in your position about a month ago and didn’t do a good job with my purchase. I would say the first thing to help with your decision is to give a little information about what type of project you are going to be doing. Quadcopter, boat, rover, plane? What type of power requirements do you have? What type of space requirements do you have? Do you want the servos to plug into the board directly or to a smaller breakout board? Any information like that can help make your decision.


Thanks a lot really appreciate it.
I’d be working on a Quadcopter, and I have no idea about the power requirements, I’m just starting to learn everything and go on as I piece together different things. The Quadcopter will be used outdoors and I dont know what a servo is actually!( I have a vague understanding though, I guess its a motor right?if not I dont know then)

Hi there,

Totally personal opinion .

Start with Hollybro S500 v2 kit . S500 V2 Kit – Holybro
it has everything in it except battery and remote. get your self familiar . it comes with a pixhawk 4. its ok not the faster FMU but you can crash it and have a laugh about it .

IMO the best flight controller is the cube orange comes with its own ecosystem and forums and support and all they make it easy for new people CubePilot | Autopilot-on-Module | Blue Manufactured in USA | Blue Assembled in USA | Pixhawk Original Team

In general to choose a flight controller check the speed of the controller (cpu lets say) faster means more calculations more devices more corrections in a second . then check what sensors it has inside , does it have a barometer ? an accelerometer etc etc . for example the cube comes with ADS-B do you need it ? Then all the cube likes have the sensors inside some foam to have less vibrations more precise data .Then you can go to expensive 5G /4G like auterions skynode or sky-drones airlink.

Forgot to say check the peripherals Px4 and ardupilot support it will at least give you a list and some suggestions e.g Compatible Hardware - PX4 Autopilot

Hope that helps,

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@Master the latest Pixhawk is the Pixhawk 5X

To further clarify, the Pixhawk team publishes open standards year after year, which are in turn used by manufacturers to build flight controllers, the open standards are as follows

  • FMUv2
  • FMUv3
  • FMUv4
  • FMUv5
  • FMUv5X
  • FMUv6U
  • FMUv6X

The last three are (5X, 6U & 6X) the latest releases, and each have different capabilities, most notably the 6X hasn’t yet been produced by a manufacturer, here options for the other two




I have a couple Holybro kits I can sell you that have pixhawk controllers. PM if interested.

Thanks a lot
I greatly appreciate your kind help in this. I surely have a look at the links and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot this clears a lot of confusion for me:) really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know if I needed anything:)

Which Holybro kits do you have for sale?

I’m interested in buying if you’re still willing to sell.