Where i can find the bootloader file for Pixracer?

Hi guys,
Recently I just made a Pixracer board myself, but problem is I can’t find the bootloader file of Pixracer? Could anyone tell me how? Thanks and appreciate your help!

tested the v 4.1 rc 2 but didn’t work correctly specially during the compass calibration.
On the the v. 5.0 latest release miss the folder of the bootloader

what is your issue with the bootloader? moreover there is no relation between bootloader and compass calibration… this all happens in the PX4 firmware.

the bootloader just waits if the user wants to flash new firmware via usb or uart and then jumps to the firmware address. this is where everything is running (including compass calibration).

i mean that after i flash the bootloader v4.0 rc 2 and installed the firmware px4 1.8.0 during the compass calibration i found issues, after i reflash the correct bootloader with the last release of px4 firmware everything work well, but I still have the issue about mag 0 failed test or mag1 failed test

Are you using an external mag? If yes which one?

Hi good day I’ve installed on the Pixracer this type of gps module mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N Dual Compass LIS3MDL+ IST8310, under px4 1.8.0 firmware I’ve always the warning preflight fail mag 0 test failed , if im disabling the mag 0 i dont have any warning, but sometimes happened that i have the warning mag inconsistent, even its calibrated.