What telemetry should I use to fly crazyflie2.0?

CF2 is controlled via crazyradio 2.4G, so what kind of telemetry I should use to control CF2? In my opinion, the telemetry requires a receiver on board to communicate with each other, and for CF2, it uses a nrf51822 as the receiver. I know cfbridge is used to connect QGC and 2.4G radio, but what for the connection between the telemetry and QGC? How to calibrate the radio via QGC then?
Please help. Thanks.

I’ve never tried calibrating the radio over cfbridge as the connection isn’t completely reliable. Easiest to connect CF2 via USB to QGC directing and calibrate a radio connected to QGC, then use remotely with QGC connected via cfbridge. The radio settings should transfer over between using it with USB over to via cfbridge.

Regarding connecting a radio to QGC, that’s more a QGC question than a CF2 question. Easiest way is to find a USB radio/joystick/controller and use that. QGC should

I see, but after I have calibrated the joystick, the ‘radio’ item on the left of QGC is still in red, which means the radio is still not calibrated, even if joystick is calibrated. That’s why I bring up this question. Am I making myself clear? Sorry for my poor clarification.

You definitely need to calibrate both the Joystick tab and the Radio tab. Connect everything to your computer via USB (avoiding the cfbridge connection), and check if it shows up on the radio tab then calibrate the radio.

If that doesn’t work, I will try to verify on my own setup later today.

I do not think there is a usb radio. If I understand it right, you mean using a radio that has a USB receiver plugged into PC, and calibrate it via QGC. I do not have such a radio at hand. I only have joystick xbox 360, which means I cannot calibrate radio tab. If you know such kind of radio, please inform me with its name. Thanks.
PS : Once I connect xbox 360 to QGC, only joystick tab can be calibrated, while radio tab has no response.

Actually, I don’t think it matters how you connect the joystick to QGC. If the Joystick page shows up, then you should be good.

The important part is to connect Crazyflie to computer via USB. Currently unsure why, but the radio channels do not can transmitted back to QGC during wireless mode, so only do ‘Radio’ calibration with Crazyflie attached with USB