Issues connecting with CF2

I’ve been using the SDK examples to test the connection between the SDK and my crazyflie 2.0 (CF2). So far, I have been successful in connecting via udp (./takeoff_and_land udp://:14540) to the simulator but I have yet to figure out how to connect to the physical quadcopter.

I have a CrazyRadio that is connected via USB on my macOS and I have been trying to connect using serial connection (./takeoff_and_land serial:///dev/ttys000:14540). I have tried many combinations of baudrate but none have been successful. The error I get is ‘Waiting to discover system…; no system found, exiting’.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be going wrong?

Hi @cboustead
Did you check and tried to connect through it?
Which instruction did you follow? like this one?

This seems wrong. You need to find out what the path is of your serial device. Easiest is to do ls /dev/ before plugging the device in and again after and then finding the diff.

I would expect something like /dev/tty.usbmodem1, /dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXX or something similar.
Also, you need to pass tthe baudrate, otherwise it’s likely not going to work.

I do get a radio connection between CF2 and Crazyradio PA using crazyflie-lib-python but QGC does not detect the CF2.

I’m not sure the steps that are required to run the SDK examples. Do I need to connection with QGC or should the example programs such as be able to connect with the CF2 without QGC.

Any advise you can offer would be appreciated, I’ve been stuck on setup for over a week.

Yes you should be able to connect without QGroundControl. In fact once QGroundControl opens the port, the SDK probably can’t connect anymore.

What’s the interface of this crazyflie radio? Is it serial? Have you fixed the permissions for Linux as explained here. Have you tried with sudo to check if it is a permission thing?

The documentation I have read suggests that it should be a udp connection. I have tried both serial and udp, neither have worked.

There aren’t any permission issues, I’m using OS X.

When I run I get this output. As you can see, there are no messages between the CF2 and ground station:

Scanning interfaces for Crazyflies…
DEBUG:cflib.crtp:Scanning: <class ‘cflib.crtp.radiodriver.RadioDriver’>
INFO:cflib.crtp.radiodriver:v0.53 dongle with serial N/A found
DEBUG:cflib.crtp:Scanning: <class ‘cflib.crtp.serialdriver.SerialDriver’>
DEBUG:cflib.crtp:Scanning: <class ‘cflib.crtp.udpdriver.UdpDriver’>
DEBUG:cflib.crtp:Scanning: <class ‘cflib.crtp.usbdriver.UsbDriver’>
INFO:cflib.drivers.cfusb:Looking for devices…
Crazyflies found:
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [6] to [<bound method Localization._incoming of <cflib.crazyflie.localization.Localization object at 0x10a508ba8>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [5] to [<bound method Log._new_packet_cb of <cflib.crazyflie.log.Log object at 0x10a508c50>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [0] to [<bound method Console.incoming of <cflib.crazyflie.console.Console object at 0x10a42d1d0>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [2] to [<bound method _ParamUpdater._new_packet_cb of <_ParamUpdater(Thread-2, initial daemon)>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [4] to [<bound method Memory._new_packet_cb of <cflib.crazyflie.mem.Memory object at 0x10a508f98>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [13] to [<bound method PlatformService._platform_callback of <cflib.crazyflie.platformservice.PlatformService object at 0x10a5440b8>>]
DEBUG:cflib.crazyflie:Adding callback on port [15] to [<bound method PlatformService._crt_service_callback of <cflib.crazyflie.platformservice.PlatformService object at 0x10a5440b8>>]
Connecting to radio://0/80/2M
INFO:cflib.crazyflie:Callback->Connection initialized[radio://0/80/2M]
INFO:cflib.crazyflie:We are connected[radio://0/80/2M], request connection setup

waiting to receive message
INFO:cflib.crazyflie:Callback->Connected to [radio://0/80/2M]

Also, when I connect the radio, there are no obvious serial connections in /dev/ (tty* etc)

and here is my output from a Dronecode example:

calums-MBP:build calumboustead$ ./takeoff_and_land udp://
[04:04:34|Info ] DronecodeSDK version: 0.14.1 (dronecode_sdk_impl.cpp:25)
[04:04:34|Debug] New: System ID: 0 Comp ID: 0 (dronecode_sdk_impl.cpp:285)
[04:04:34|Error] No known remotes (udp_connection.cpp:130)
[04:04:34|Error] send fail (dronecode_sdk_impl.cpp:91)
Waiting to discover system…
[04:04:35|Error] No known remotes (udp_connection.cpp:130)
[04:04:35|Error] send fail (dronecode_sdk_impl.cpp:91)
No system found, exiting.

I see this:

Which means that you could presumably receive mavlink by connecting to as you tried. Did you try this while was running?

Yes I tried that. I get the same output.

In that case you could use wireshark and check if you see any packets on loopback.

Can you tell me what I should be looking for in Wireshark?

I’m going to move onto a Ubuntu PC as I believe the issues I’m having might be cause by my Macintosh.

You are looking for UDP packets on the loopback interface, and port numbers like 14550.