I want to hover Crazyflie2.0 with QGroundControl

I uploaded the px4 firmware to Crazy Fly.
And I succeeded in putting the motion capturing data in the local position pose.
So, I tried to find the hovering mode in qgc,
but I could not find hovering mode even if I tried all flight modes. :cry:
I’ll be waiting for help.

@dennisss could you help me?

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This is not as much a crazyflie question as much as it is a PX4 question. If you are using a joystick, use position mode: pull up on throttle until at an appropriate height and then center all sticks to hover in place. If you experience x-y issues, try altitude mode and do the same thing, but with only z-hover.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll try it now.


How are you communicating between CZfly and your station?

If you want to connect with qgc
Connect the crazyradio PA to your computer,
After downloading cfbridge and doing the sudo make run after the build
When radio and cf2 are connected, a red light flashes on cf2.
The next time you open qgc, it will automatically connect.