How do i attach to px4 system console on crazyflie 2.0

trying to connect to px4 system console on crazyflie 2.0. host system is ubuntu 16.04.
Succesfully loaded px4 on crazyflie (thanks denisss).

device is plainly /dev/ttyACM0. successfully attach to it with ‘screen /dev/ttyACM0 BAUDRATE 8N1’.
However, at this point a long binary file is being downloaded/displayed on screen from crazyflie.

anyone know how to do this?


All the serial consoles are disabled to make room for expansion boards and USB is reserved for MAVLink (the stream you are seeing).

You got two options:

  1. Change to yes and redo the ‘screen’ @ 115200 bps
  2. Use the console over mavlink:

thanks - works like a charm

Dear Dennisss,
I have a question about cf2.CF2 can only be controlled via BLE or 2.4G. Its internal communication chip is not capable of woking with telemetries such as Spectrum or ppm, sbus. If PX4 is integrated into CF2, how can it be controlled? Still using BLE or something else?

see Theoretically MAVLink over BLE or 2.4Ghz is supported: currently over 2.4GHz is the only one implemented using a Crazyradio PA (Or any NRF24/51 module). BLE compatibility is maintained with the official Crazyflie mobile app,

I have successfully flown cf2 running px4 using CrazyradioPA and MAVlink - so not hypothetical. Uses cfbridge and CGS running on machine of choice, some kind of joystick connected to the machine, CrazyradioPA dongle on machine, and cf2 running px4. I can share details if you like. sounds complicated - but it allows software and human in the control loop.

Sounds amazing! I would give it a try. We have two CF2s. BTW, are the various modes, i.e. altitude control, supported as well? Can I use px4 with CF2 to achieve altitude hold? @dennisss

Yes, the barometer driver is complete, so altitude control should work, but I haven’t used it in a while. It may need some adjustment of the position hover point. Let us know if you have any success with it.

One more thing. I saw the video flying CF2 in PX4 dev guide. What were you using to fly it, a joystick or app via Bluetooth? I felt that it was not very easy to control, so I speculate you were not using telemetry such as SBUS, were you?

That was with the mobile app in mode 2. Since that video, the settings have been tuned better: Simon ( has had better success with the mobile app than me. I have a F310 over a crazyradio which works much better, but really any reasonable USB controller and a lot of space will get you good results.

Barometer appears to work - just had to set scaling to 1.0 in QGC.

Connecting a joystick to QGC, and using cfbridge/crazyradioPA get flight inputs to cf2 is easy to fly. PIDs and slew rates could use some tuning - but with this flies like a slightly nervous small quad.

Dear seth,
What kind of joystick are you using? Can it be calibrated via QGC?

Sorry for slow reply - I just got this.

I am using a FrSky Taranis 9D plus transmitter setup as a joystick - it is just a normal airfame setup that turns off the radio. Yes, once all set up I can configure it in QGC.

Set up is not hard, but it does have quite a few steps. You have get px4 on to the crazyflie, configure airframe and calibrate sensors. Then set parameter COM_RC_IN_MODE to allow arming without radio.

Then attach the CrazyradioPA dongle and start cfbridge software by denisss. When you turn crazflie on it will connect. Make sure joystick is connected. Then, start QGC. After QGC downloads settings from crazyflie, you will see joystick as one of options in the setup screen. Go ahead and calibrate.

Hope this helps,


Dear seth,
Thanks for the reply. I searched the transmitter you mentioned, and got a little confused that it requires a receiver to receive signal from the transmitter, so how can it be configured as a joystick. In my opinion, joystick can be connected to PC via USB dongle, but your transmitter does not have such a USB interface, right?

The Taranis can be configured to turn off its transmitter, and be connected by USB, to act as a joystick. Here is a link that explain how: