What kinds of motors should we recommend

I was looking at the post Alternatives to T-Motor? and decided to update the info about motors in our docs.

But there isn’t any - we talk only about ESC in ESC and Motors. Everywhere else, for example in kits and build logs, there are motors used, but no explanation.

I think it would be useful to have two things covered for motors

  • Motor design choices - probably a frame specific topic - e.g. selecting motors for your Multicopter, Selecting motors for your Fixed-wing.
    • What are you looking for given a frame of this weight, this many props or this size?
    • How to select between comparable options
  • Motor vendors and types - e.g. most motors you see are brushless - are there other types in common use? When/why would you use these.
  • Vendors for the US such as those in Alternatives to T-Motor?
  • Other restrictions?
  • Anything else to think about?