Alternatives to T-Motor?

With the recent news of T-Motor being added to the US Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce Entity List, it brings hardship to the community when trying to find quality motors. This is an effort to collect a list of alternatives to US-based community members.

If you know of a trusted vendor that ships to the US please post a link below as a comment.

List of Alternatives

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Maxon has some incredibly high quality motors.

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I didn’t see gimbal motors \ motors with through-hole in any of the listed vendors.
If anyone knows of a vendor - it’ll be very appreciated.

At least some of these are also at risk of the same designation???

If T-Motor is a problem, then why wouldn’t we expect them to suffer the same difficulty?

SunnySky USA is a daughter company of Zhong Shan Lang Yu Model Co. Ltd., that owns the trademark of “SunnySky” motors, and is the only manufacturer of genuine SunnySky brushless motors.

SunnySky USA is in charge of distribution, marketing, and services of SunnySky motors and related products in United States. Our office and warehouse is located in the capitol of Ohio, Columbus city.

ZhongShan LangYu Model Co. Ltd., the owner of SUNNYSKY brand, is one of the leading manufacturers of brushless motors used in drones and model aircrafts. In over ten years we have grown from a small factory to one of the largest manufacturers in the brushless motor industry. In all this time we have been focusing on providing high quality products at affordable prices. We are a major OEM product supplier of several top notch brands in the RC hobby and professional drone industries.

Under our own brand SUNNYSKY we have developed more than a hundred different brushless motors in over ten categories. We are dedicated not only to providing reliable and quality products, but also to being excellent and professional in our services, with our philosophy of “Quality First, Service First”.

Our products are developed by a group of professional engineers and experienced technicians. Our factory is equipped with the most advanced machines and testing instruments in the industry. Our leading edge in the industry is also guaranteed by our meticulous workmanship, strict quality assurance and quality control, and timely services.

We also work closely with our industrial customers to providing OEM and ODM services, as well as R&D prototypes to meet special requirements. With our advanced facilities and experienced team it will make your project simpler and smoother.

Give us a call or send an E-mail if you have any question: