Week 37 October 14 - October 18

PX4 development testing done by the Dronecode Test Team

Total Flights: 29

PR’s (Assigned / Tested) 2

mc_att_control: move rate control to RateControl class #13173

FlightTasks: add Descend task to land without GPS #13143

Issues reported: 0

Vehicle Status:

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What is the “calibration issue” on the cube?

(Edited: Post has been edited to clarify our messaging, and to make sure our intentions are clear, thanks to @dagar and @LorenzMeier)

Hey @proficnc glad you stopped by, the test team first reported issues with their Cube back in August on Issue #12692


It would be great for the Flight Test team, PX4 dev team and our community to understand what is the “official posture” from the manufacturer of the Cube on the PX4 support of their hardware.

The PX4 dev team can’t and won’t continue supporting hardware without the backing of the manufacturer (any manufacturer). (edited) The PX4 dev team looks forward to working with any hardware manufacturer looking to offer a great user experience to their customers by having a good hardware/software integration.

IMO the (edited) Cube would benefit from having a resource available for bug fixes and interfacing with the test and dev teams when issues (like above) arise, or new hardware needs to be supported.

Please let us know what you, as the manufacturer, think about our posture, and if you see any way of having a working relationship with the PX4 team, and our community.

We are looking for feedback, and want to bridge any gaps between us. (edited)

Here are some links that might interest you.

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