Weathervaning with Tailsitters?

Hi guys!

I’m planing to build my first VTOL tailsitter. Have only built “standard” 5-mot. VTOLs yet.
I was thinking about what kind of weathervaning would make sense for a tailsitter.
In my opinion the best bahavior in stronger wind would be:
Detecting where the wind comes from, and turn one wingtip into the wind. Because this way the plane has much less area facing the wind.

It could work like this:
In Position-mode, plane detects that it needs a pitch angle of -20° (relative to vertical) constantly to hold position. It must notice “ah this means the wind is facing directly from the front.”. As a result turn roll axis by 90°, to point one wingtip into the wind.
Repeat as long, until pitch axis is 0° (meaning vertical in this case).

So kind of a pitch-to-roll-behavior.

Is is possible to adjust such a behavior in PX4?

Or what does the already implemented weathervane function do in tailsitters?

Thank you!
Best regards,