Tail-sitter - How to setup compass and horizon?

Dear all,

I’ve been following the instructions here https://docs.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/frames_vtol/vtol_tailsitter_caipiroshka_pixracer.html to build a tailsitter.

I feel that the instructions stop short of describing how to set things up. Are there further readings to be found?

In my mind, this is an overpowered dual prop fixed-wing plane that can for a brief time at the beginning and end of a mission act as a multirotor.
This made me tune the plane in a horizontal - “plane” - manner. But when I sit the plane on its tail, the horizon and compass do what you would expect from a plane sitting on its tail with the nose straight up - they freak out and complain.

Should I set things up as a plane or as a multi-rotor, or somehow both ways?

I would immensely appreciate it if someone would continue the article and explain the rest of the process and settings to make a successful PX4 Tailsitter!

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Setup as it would be a multirotor. Therefore FMU/sensor and compass orientation must be PITCH_90

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