Weathervane mode?

What is weather vane mode for fixed wings under the mission parameters?

@Justin_Cooper did you get an answer to your question … i have similar confusions. I get it that it disables the yaw control but don’t really understand the need to do it … is it done so that thrust reduction can be avoided when the aircraft is fighting against the wind to perform a yaw maneuver ??

It’s intended for VTOLs in multicopter mode that often have limited yaw authority.

@dagar can you please elaborate a little more


I’ve only used it with quadplanes, but with any airspeed the multicopter yaw authority is quite limited and mostly wasted effort. With weathervane the MC rate controller max is limited and the vehicle is allowed to rotate in the wind.

@dagar you mean the mc rate for pitch and roll are limited to allow yaw ?

No, the maximum yaw rate command in the multicopter controller is limited. This means very little motor effort is put towards controlling yaw, leaving the rest for roll, pitch, thrust. The vehicle will more or less automatically yaw in the direction of least resistance as a result of the air flow.
The multicopter position controller doesn’t really care about where the vehicle is pointed and will adjust attitude to move towards the next waypoint, or loiter in place. Make sense?

Yea kinda makes sense the the mc doesn’t really care about the heading … but for a vtol if there is a transition, then the heading becomes crucial … which is why you’d want the heading right

Yes that’s why there are separate params to enable it for takeoff, loiter, landing. Arguably it should be on for transition (or at least after some airspeed), but we’d need to make sure you complete the heading adjustment before starting transition.