👩‍💻 we are looking for contributors for PX4, QGC, MAVSDK, MAVLink

Hey everyone, my name is Ramón Roche, I’m the program manager for Dronecode and today I’m writing on behalf of the maintainers of the open-source projects under this community.

The massive success of the community hasn’t gone unnoticed, the number of issues, pull requests, forum posts, and slack activity has doubled in the last 12 months :tada:.

Our maintainer team is looking for community members who are interested in taking an active role in the project. We need help reviewing PRs, going through Issues, participate in discussions on Slack and our Forums. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing,

Not sure you are the right fit but want to contribute? Send me a DM on slack @rroche; I can help you find a project that fits your skills.

Please reply to this thread, or find me on Slack, we want to hear from you.


@rroche Thanks for the heads up. I am glad to be part of the PX4 community. I have provided my small support in different parts in the past. Although my commitment has become very limited compared to before, I am willing to provide as much help as I can to this awesome community. I will need your direction on how to go next. Thanks.

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hello my skills not enough your require,but i want to learnning px4 and mavlink, can you tell me where i can start? thank you very much

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