[HELP NEEDED] Dronecode Pair Programming Live Stream

I’m looking for volunteers for a new tutorial series I’m working on, where I will be pair programming with community members on topics we selected together. The goal is to create more content to help developers understand and master the open technologies in our ecosystem. We will be live streaming a pair programming session with a predefined goal and script that we will follow while we guide “me” and the audience through the project. The tutorial series would ideally be weekly but won’t have a tight schedule.

What I’m looking for:

  • developers who have knowledge of PX4/MAVSDK/QGC and ideally have contributed to any of the projects and know their way around portions of the codebases
  • Willingness to be on live stream, although the code will be the show’s star, our faces will definitely be on at some point.
  • Has the time to help me create the content for the stream. It can take anywhere from 2-5 hours of your time, depending on the complexity of the topic.

To be clear, anyone can participate, and it would be ideal if we could cycle through guests covering multiple projects and topics to keep the content going.

Please drop a comment below with the following if you are interested:

  • Name, and slack username
  • Projects/Topics you would be interested in helping with
  • Whats your availability

If I can be counted?

Available on weekends.

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You are always welcome @mwbb!

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