Waypoints not followed during transition in Mission mode

When doing a auto transition (for VTOL) in Mission mode, the waypoints are not followed. If the transition is not successful the aircraft will fly indefinitely rather than going to the next waypoint. The only way to prevent the aircraft from flying away is to manually abort the mission.

It also means that if setpoint is inaccurate for any reason the aircraft will transition in the wrong direction, only correcting to the target waypoint once the FW mode has been reached.

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this is what happens when the vehicle doesn’t follow it’s waypoint. The next waypoint in the mission was well within the field but it would have continued until the battery died had we not aborted and returned manually.

Hi Friends, Could You Solve This Problem ? , Passing 4 year over from this issue, but I faced this problem right now and I can’t find solution on px4 discuss. Could you help me or give me instruction for solving ?