VTOL SITL with 8 lift motors and 2 pusher motors

Hey Gang,

I am currently developing a lift+cruise VTOL with 8 motors for lift and 2 motors for cruise. I have set up a model.sdf and the corresponding init.d-posix configuration. The two pusher props are assigned to the aux output (SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC1 = 109, and SIM_GZ_SV_FUNC2 = 110). When I start the simulation, the MulticopterMotorModel returns an error: “[Err] [MulticopterMotorModel.cc:528] You tried to access index 9 of the Actuator velocity array which is of size 7”. Has anybody had a similar issue while developing an UAV with more than 8 motors? It works when I omit the pusher motors.

Thanks for your help!