VT_FWD_THRUST_SC creates roll and yaw fluctuations

I use px4 1.8.2 stable, vtol airframe and gazebo (9.6.0) for simulation.

I create mission with two modes - MC and FW and I set VT_FWD_THRUST_SC to 0.0 (disable) and 2.0 (max) and log comparison.

I see that if VT_FWD_THRUST_SC = 2.0 the mission duration was increased and in MC mode was appeared roll and yaw fluctuations. Especially strong fluctuation by yaw are appeared at the speed decreasing before back transition (from FW to MC).

I can to decrease VT_FWD_THRUST_SC value, but I want to know why so strong fluctuations is possible and what is reason of this.

VT_FWD_THRUST_SC = 0 value https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=f187e058-db37-4945-8dcb-718fa93ade16
VT_FWD_THRUST_SC = 2 value https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=25494b8e-77b7-4aad-9b21-5ca00858bf40

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You are most likely feeling the magnetic interference produced by your pusher motor. the thrust scale does not affect yaw from a software perspective

So, magnetic interference from pusher motor there is at the forward and back transition. But I see raw and yaw fluctuations on the back transition trajectory.
And also, maybe you know - gazebo can modelling magnetic interference?