Vision pose estimation problem, can not set home position

Hi! can someone help me with the vision pose estimation in indoor?

I have followed the tutorial and set:
AID_MASK to 24
HGT_MODE to Vision
RNG_AID to disabled

In my ulog files I can see the message:
[ecl/EKF] starting vision pos fusion
[ecl/EKF] starting vision yaw fusion

With QGC and with Mavros I check the local position and is correct respect to the tests position (move forward,rear, rotation on Z axis and roll and pitch) performed by hand in indoor.

But in the ros terminal I can not see the two above messages about fusion, and in the same terminal I constantly get the following info and warning:

[warn] […] GP: No GPS fix
[info] […] HP: requesting home position

My purpose is to fly in offboard mode, but I have not set it at the moment, because I wana check that the home position is set and correct. I have to set offboard before start the vision pose estimation?

Can someone help me please?