GPS and vision for outdoor pose estimation

Dear people

I do have the following setup.

-PixHawk 4 mini
-ZED stereo camera
-Jetson TX2

The communication from the companion board (Jetson TX2) to the groundcontrol station is via wireless.

I have been using the GPS for outdoor flight, however the ZED camera odom position estimate would be like to be use with the GPS to have a better position estimation during the flight and to be used in GPS denied environments.

The following things were done.

  • A topic remapping under mavros_node which is in node.launch was made.
    <remap from="mavros/vision_pose/pose" to="/tbsd_zed/pose">

    both topics are of the type geometry_msgs/PoseStamped

  • I have set the following parameters under QgroundControl station

    EKF2_AID_MASK = GPS + vision_position_fusion + rotate_external_vision.

    EKF2_HGT_MODE = vision

However when I take a look at the Mavlink Inspector, I do not see any vision data.

What I am doing wrong??

Any help and advise I really appreciate it :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile: