Vision/mocap in ECL

Are there plans to support vision or mocap updates in the ecl ekf?

I am interested to know the answer, too.

I believe that vision is already supported via vision_position_estimate messages.

Regarding mocap, I wrote the following code around a month ago to make it work. It should use att_pos_mocap messages but currently is incomplete as it still uses the vision parameters for noise variances. (Not in the main PX4 repo yet as I haven’t had too much time to test it yet)

Yes, this thread is stale. Paul has integrated vision messages into ECL now.

Thanks guys.
So is it the latest stable version, 1.5.3? Or master?

Also, I am using mavros. So, it has mocap pose plugin, and mocap fake gps plugin. Would any of these work with EKF2?

What are the settings in order for this thread/commit work?
Do I need to set certain parameters in QGC?

I am sending the ATT_POS message outside MAVROS, but verified to work on old versions.