Indoor positioning (fake gps) with EKF2

I have setup a Poxyz system for indoor positioning. I’ve managed to send ATT_POS_MOCAP mavlink packets to the flight controller by following this guide, but it seems it is only used with LPE estimator. I want to ask how can I enable this with the EKF2 estimator? Thank you.

All I know it that the status of the EFK2 estimator for MOCAP is unclear.

If you enable vision and don’t give data, the EFK2 filter will not initialize.

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I also would like to use EKF2 for indoor positioning.

Here’s a patch from someone who’s made it work

I’m having some success with it. Once enabled EKF2 does use it, however, I’m getting the toilet bowl effect. Most likely due to the orientation of my “poxyz” system not being setup properly tho… Will do more testing next week.

The EKF2 filter is under release and testing for local mode !

Excellent! Could you point me to the PR which I can try?

@broody did you get this to work? I would like to use for indoor position using mocap.

Yes, with the modified patch it works.

Hi Broody,

Did you clone his PX4 version ( to your computer and built it, or something else?

Thankk you, Yoni.