Virtual Software camera Trigger

Hi All

I’ve been developing a new airframe with a very high resolution camera. It’s purpose would be for structural inspecting and wind turbines. My problem is that I have to add on expensive camera triggers that create their own gps log files.

As I’m not developer and so have no idea how to do this.

But It occurred to me that in the Android or iOS app a virtual camera trigger could be added that allowed a time setting ie 2 seconds to trigger the camera as we will not be using the conventional ground survey which automatically triggers the camera.

So my thoughts were for the software to trigger the camera and reproduce the action of me pushing the software camera trigger button that is contained in the “Camera” section of the app.

We could have a drop down, pick time, 2 seconds then press the button. If someone can help with a script (if the app allowed) then this would mitigate additional external devices and log all the info in the pixhawk as it should be :slight_smile: any suggestions greatly received. And just to reiterate this is for non automatic missions.

I appreciate that I’ll still need a hot shoe sync and simple camera trigger. But this would do away with the likes of field of view etc.

All the best