GPIO Time based Camera Trigger not working in QGC mission

Hi folks, I can not get the GPIO camera trigger to operate in the time based mode when running a mission in QGC. I checked previous trigger issues listed here, most seem to be from 2017,18 but could not find any related. Anybody else having this problem?

Very simple to setup/reproduce. Setup Camera for time based, on command and GPIO output. Set up the trig_ parameters for time, interval, active high, etc. Leave TRIG_PINS at default 56.
Running PX4 on Pixracer
Aux1-4 motors
Aux 5,6 camera trigger

Planned a short mission with Camera trigger in Mission Start, also tried a Start image capture command, put the camera trigger command in a waypoint and tried every other combination of commands and settings, but can’t get a trigger. Camera trigger test works, but after running a mission it sometimes gets locked out and we need to reboot. Time based, always on, works, but we can’t have the camera continuously shooting pictures. Also, when we change mode to distance based, along with associated parameters, it works flawlessly.

It’s only time time based, on command that will NOT work.

Any help would be appreciated,