VIO publishing but no vision_position produced by flight log?

So I have odom data from a ZED camera, publishing to /mavros/odometry/out in ROS1, and when I type in the MAVLink console on QGC, “listener vehicle_visual_odometry”, I get a print out, furthermore, when I run the ROS node, the Odometry data updates to this within the MAVLink Inspector. However, in the flight log post flight, vehicle_vision_data is never there for me to inspect and I can’t figure out why, I have a status callback setup but I never get it appearing in QGC, with the heartbeat message for 197 or MAV_COMP_ID_VISUAL_INERTIAL_ODOMETRY. The status callback is printing an active state, state 4, for the /mavros/companion_process/status node, with the frame_id: “odom”. What have I missed if I have followed everything on the documentations?

example flight log

Does anyone actually provide help on here? See so many people have got something similar working so there are people who can provide assistance and seems developers just don’t bother at times. This is my 5th post about trying to get VIO data to properly work with PX4 through ROS1 and still to no prevail. My experience with the PX4 autopilot systems has been worthy of growing grey hairs and then pulling it out. Would highly not recommend and will not be speaking highly of such systems to colleagues.