Video streaming has only three options in the app

Video streaming has only three options in the app。Use stable V4.0 General_video(voide Steam Disable、Rear-facing camera、Front-facing camera)

In the picture there are TCP, UDP and other video modes,How can I get my APP to support these modes and choose IP and port Numbers?

What OS? Seems like maybe Android? I think front/rear facing cameras are UVC devices.

When I was using android devices, I found that the video Source option was only three in the picture. How can I solve this problem?

What build are you using? If you built it yourself then you didn’t include the video streaming pre-reqs.

I built it myself using Stable V4.0.5 debug,Where is the video streaming request included? is the macro definition QGC_GST_STREAMING and NO_UDP_VIDEO defined?

Read the build instructions to setup video

Could you tell me more about it?QGC official website is the introduction of video stream?

Or in the source code.Cc or.H file? scroll to the bottom

I download the file via the link and unzip it to/qgroundcontrol/gstreamer-1.0-android-universal-1.14.4,Videostreaming under/SRC/Videostreaming. Pri But the problem remains unresolved.Video streaming has only three options.

If the released daily builds are working correctly with all video options then you are going to have to trace through this yourself to figure out why it is not working. I could be anyone of a million build setup problems.

That’s fine. Thank you for your answer.I installed the library, but the problem was that I didn’t clean up the QT project and recompile it

Hey DonLakeFlyer - the link you’ve provided here doesn’t seem to have the video instructions anymore! I’m running into the same issue on a Windows custom build, and can’t seem to locate anything about it in the docs. Any help you can offer? Thanks!

Dev guide is here: