RTSP on QGroundControl

Hey all.
first I am really pleased to have come across this app. I have been wanting a small Mavic like interface for my machines and this looks to be the ticket. However I have come across one issue I can’t seem to beat. I have an RTSP source in my house, its a simple camera for testing. Its address is pretty straight forward. RTSP://
This address works fine in VLC both on my pc and on my android device.
I can alter the address to rtsp:// and it still works on my pc and android VLC. However neither address works on QGroundControl.
If I use the URL with the port listed I get a pink flash on the video window and if I look real close I can make out its actually the video image but thats it. Its not a usable video display yet on the same device in VLC it works great.
I am wondering what I am missing.

Tried a different Camera. Works fine now. No clue why it wasn’t working.
I have a base station with a video streaming server and if I can get this connected, I am off to the races.