Video stream from docker

Hi everyone,
I have simulation in docker and it works fine, only issue is that I am unable to connect to video stream from gazebo_gst_camera_plugin (simulated FPV). It works just fine without docker, but when I run the simulation from docker I just dont know what to do? I publish the ports with the video, but they seems to be dead in Wireshark. I am unable to connect to them with QGC, since the port is already used by docker and when I create a commlink for those ports, the camera settings again says the address is already used. Do I need some GStream server inside the docker?
Thank you in advance, Lukas

ok, the solution is, that in the jinja file for drone model, it needs to say for gst_camera_plugin udpHost = host.docker.internal instead of hardcoded and it starts to work :slight_smile: