Video aspect ratio wrong on Ubuntu 22

I’ve spend several hours trying to figure this out, but if you run the Linux downloadable QGroundControl binary on a fully patched Ubuntu 22 then the video (at least in RTSP mode) comes through with the width of the video 1/4 of the frame. That is the aspect ratio is squeezed horizontally. I’m fairly confident that it is related to a version mismatch between gstreamer on the OS and gstreamer built into QGroundControl. One solution would be to rebuild QGroundControl from source, but I tried and there’s just too many dependancies and I gave up after a few hours of trying. I’ve tried this on three different Dell laptops running Ubuntu 22 on it happens on all of them. Note: if you don’t patch Ubuntu 22 to “current” then the video actually looks fine. I’ve also run the video stream independently from the command line and it also looks fine running like that. That’s my current backup mode, but I was hoping there would be an update to the Linux QGroundControl binary download that would fix my issue. Thanks.

I don’t know what you patched but does the setting not work for you?

The field appears to do nothing. I can set it to all sorts of random values and nothing every changes.

Ok, that sounds like a bug then. @DonLakeFlyer do you have any idea regarding aspect ratio and what might be wrong for @Rick_Niles1 ?

Sorry I don’t know much about the Video stuff. You’d have to ask the Blue Robotics guys who have mostly been maintaining it. Discord would be the best place.